Have you ever tried to work without Internet? In a time when we can’t seem to be productive without our online tools, have you ever looked forward to getting on a plane to be more productive?

Improve your productivity

Last week I took a flight to attend a blogger conference. Just the thought that I was going to be sitting alone onΒ a plane for such a long time thrilled me. I had so much planned to do while flying, that I was probably going to need a longer flight πŸ˜€ But then, I told my friend Ana how much I was looking forward to work on the plane. Her reaction was to laugh at me. And I could totally understand it, I sounded like a crazy person, right? Why not just sit back, watch a film and forget about work a bit?

The answer hit me as I was sitting on the plane preparing my next project. With no Internet, no smartphone, no tablet, no news, no nothing – it struck me: That’s why I found it so great to work in Asia at 6 am in the morning!! It wasn’t because I could feel the peace surrounding the sunrise. Or because I could admire the rice paddy workers. Neither was it because I was on holidays and relaxed ’cause I was sleeping way more than at home (I said I would wake up at 6 am, so it wasn’t that much of a long night either).
Nope. None of that was the reason for my feeling so concentrated, inspired and motivated to write. It was because every client, every friend and everyone I knew was sleeping!! Time zone rocks!! At least sometimes πŸ™‚

β™₯Β I had checked the emails before going to bed.
β™₯Β I had read all news before falling asleep.
β™₯Β And now, everyone else was asleep!
β™₯Β No emails, no calls, no chat, no texts, no Facebook, no Twitter…. You get it, right??

And that’s exactly how I felt on the plane – Or almost the same, only without rice paddies, volcanoes or tropical fruits – BUT also no Internet, Facebook, emails, WhatsApp, and on and on and on.

Work without Internet

How to work without Internet and boost your productivity

What I am trying to stay, you ask? That – if you’d like to be a successful solopreneur – you shouldΒ leave off all distractions!Β Here you are a couple of tips to boost your productivity:

β™₯Β Work at night or first thing in the morning –Β Whenever you think your energy is at its fullest. But work, write, create without distractions.
β™₯Β Turn off or mute your smartphone –Β If your clients usually give you phone calls, try to block 30 minutes or 1 hour of your time to work concentrated on a single task. If someone called in that time, just call them back once your blocked hour is gone. I’m sure the world didn’t stop spinning just because you missed one call, right?
β™₯Β Deactivate your wifi if you don’t desperately need the Internet to perform your work –Β In that case, complete 50 pushups every time you check Facebook or your private messages – Just kidding, although you’d look amazing afterward! πŸ˜›
β™₯Β Don’t check your emails constantly –Β Schedule a couple of times a day to answer to your (most urgent) emails. You’ll see how much time you earn!

We spend so much time sitting in front of the PC without actually working. So much time you could be doing something much more profitable. Or something much more fun! Why don’t you make yourself a favor, and try some of these tips? And if nothing helps… Get on a plane on your own and enjoy the wifi-free zone πŸ˜€

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