Have you realized how many time management strategies, productivity tips, planning and planner ideas are out there? Is it because we’ve suddenly discovered this new trending topic? Or because we love those cute planners we can find everywhere?

Time management

Why is time management such a huge thing right now?

We have too many things to do, too many hats to wear; we feel overwhelmed. And yet, we want to accomplish so much more than we already do. Why is that? Aren’t we happy with our daily life?

Now, notice that I didn’t mean that we’re not happy with our lives, but with our DAILY life. Our daily routines. But aren’t our daily routines what shape up our life? Does it make sense to work zillions of hours a week, giving up hobbies and not finding any time for your friends or yourself… just to earn enough money to buy a new car, a new home or just being able to afford to travel during the summer holidays?

Why are we suddenly criticising multitasking – which was THE religion for solopreneurs and mums alike a couple of years ago – and praising mindfulness?? Were we trying to cope with so many different tasks at the same time that we forgot what we really wanted to achieve? Couldn’t we see the forest for the trees?

Now, think about what you really want. What you really wanted.
Was it working for the company you’re working now? Good for you!
Was it waking up early, calculating every minute to get the kids ready for school, yourself ready for work without having a second for yourself? Really?

Or was it rather
starting your own business?
running that cute little restaurant on the corner you have so often seen in movies?
 traveling around the world with your backpack and your camera?
singing in a rock band?

Never mind what you thought your life would be like. The question is: Are you getting so immersed in your daily tasks and obligations that you can’t stop and think if you have the life you deserve?

But why is time management boycotting our life goals?

Having no time to waste makes you feel more mindful of time management. It can help you cope with everything and feel you’ve accomplished everything you had set out to before falling exhausted on your bed at night.

But that can’t be it, right?? And that’s why I think that time management may be boycotting our life goals!

I’d want you – and me – to stop for a minute. Close your eyes and think. Just think. Is this the life you wanna have? What does the life you wanna live look like? And most importantly: What would you have to change to achieve that life you really want?

And once you remind yourself of what your dreams were, write them down. Let those dreams become goals. And let the changes you need to achieve your goal be your next action steps. Yep. As easy as that: Stop. Think. Set a goal. Plan the steps. Take action. No excuses.

So tell me: What are you going to change starting now?

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