There comes a time in life when you stop and look back. You start wondering whether you’ve had the life you wanted, or if you’ve rather been going with the flow, without really considering other choices. When times like these come, something magical happens. These are the moments where you choose to change. Where you take control. You know that, if you wait much longer with starting something new, it may be too late. And then, everything changes. But only if you let that magical moment happen.

Starting something new

Why starting something new may seem hard

Now, why is it that we let chances go by? My theory is that one of the three following reasons come into place:

β™₯ You’re scared of the unknown. Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard. Your life may not be what you’ve dreamt of, but you can’t really complain, right? You’re in good health, your family is doing OK and your job sucks, but it’s not that bad. Then, why change? And who can guarantee you that your new job is going to be better anyway? So better the devil you know…

β™₯ You don’t want to lose your experience / salary level! So many years working and standing that boss of yours – and what for? To start all over again? Like any other newbie – just 20 years older?? How ridiculous is that?! And don’t get me started about money! How am I going to keep up to my monthly costs? I do have a living standard I want to maintain!

β™₯ You can’t help wondering “what will others think of me?” No, seriously… They’re going to talk about me behind my back. And, if I fail, they’re going to laugh at me – A LOT! They’re gonna think that I’ve gone nuts, or – even worse yet – that I’m in the middle of a midlife crisis! And my life is really not that bad… It could be worse, right?

3 ideas to solve your fear of starting something new

  1. Write down how many years you have before you retire. Now, imagine doing exactly what you’re doing right now during all those years. How would you feel about it?
  2. Use your experience to start a business of your own!! What is it that you always wanted to do? How can your experience or skills help you create that dream of yours?
  3. Don’t ever listen to those who don’t support you. They’re probably scared themselves, and watching you succeed would let them feel envy. Just ignore them πŸ˜‰

If you can’t think of a way of using your experience to start something new, have a look at these ideas to turn your skills into an online business. It’s just a matter of taking some time for you to think what you really want, make a plan and take action!

So what is it going to be? Are you going to keep going with the flow? Or are you going to ride that wave?



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PS. Check out the Reinvent Yourself Series; I hope it helps!

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