A cabin in the woods. Holding a hot cup of coffee in her hands, a writer looks out of the window at the most beautiful scenery you can ever imagine. She’s sitting in front of her laptop; the screen is white. Wait, what? Yep, she’s got no idea how to start that new book she was so excited about. Can you picture this image? Can you relate to her feelings of overwhelm and frustration? Well, trying to start writing content for a brand-new course isn’t a very different feeling!

Start writing content

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Remember when you decided you wanted to teach online? You were so excited! After spending so much time thinking about it, you had figured out what you wanted to do to quit your job and finally start an online business. You heard somewhere that becoming an online teacher was one of the easiest ways to start earning money from home, and that’s true. But when creativity fails us, we’re left stuck without ideas. Has it ever happened to you? Now, there are three options to get out of that writer’s block situation and start writing content:

  • Check Instagram for just one sec, and let your mind wander around. Maybe creativity comes back in 5 minutes. Well, guess what – It’s VERY difficult to check Instagram “for just one sec.” Almost impossible, I’d rather say. And creativity isn’t waiting for you on Instagram, believe me.
  • Fill the washing machine, tidy up your desk, or even call that aunt you haven’t talked to in years – and suddenly you happen to have something extremely important to tell her about… Creativity doesn’t usually hide in the washing machine either, sorry!
  • Design a content writing strategy, map out your course outline and start writing step by step. It does sound much better than swiping through Reels non-stop, right? Well, let’s get to it then!
Design your professional online image

6-step strategy to start writing content for your online course – and start earning money from home!

  1. Write down what the course is about.
  2. Who is this course for? Who are your target students?
  3. What are your students going to achieve? What’s the goal of your course?
  4. Identify three big steps your students should take to achieve that goal. These are going to be the three big sections of your course.
  5. Take the first of these three big steps, and write down 3 to 5 mini-steps your students need to achieve that first big step. Repeat with the next two big steps. These are going to be the lessons in each section of your course.
  6. Fill those lessons with content and get your course done! Make sure that your grammar and spelling are error-free – You don’t want your course to lose its value just because of a bunch of typos, right? You can either proofread your whole course yourself, hire a reviewer to do it for you, or download an automated grammar checker to do all the work for you πŸ˜‰ I use Grammarly because it’s easy to use, highly reliable and it lets me focus on creativity and forget about grammar!

Next steps once you’ve got your content ready

  1. Join Kajabi, Teachable, or the teaching platform of your choice and upload your course! Feel free to check out this post about creating your first online course – even without experience.
  2. Hit publish!
  3. Tell the world about your brand-new course!
  4. Check out this post about freelance online teachers. You may get new ideas!

What do you think now? Doesn’t it seem way easier to start writing content when you got a plan? Now is your turn to start writing like a queen!

Alicia RG
xoxo - Born to Freelance
Born to Freelance

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