Can you remember those first weeks at your brand-new job? Everything was exciting. Everyone seemed kind. You were longing to learn more and more about that new company that had just hired you. You wanted to show your boss and colleagues how ready you were to help, to work hard, and to take on responsibilities. The commuting wasn’t that great, but at least you had an exciting position that would compensate for the time you spent on the road. Or so you thought.

Boss fires you
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So how do you feel about your job right now? Do you still feel pumped when something goes well? Would you still love to have more responsibilities? Do you volunteer to take charge of new projects? Do you still get excited when your boss wants to talk with you?

Or has your job become just a formality to get your income at the end of the month? Do you just get there, get the minimum done you can get away with and check continuously what time it is? Do you get almost depressed on Sunday evenings? Do you dread the clock alarm going off? Do you wish you’d get the flu to stay a couple of days at home? Do you envy every other person who talks excitedly about her work? Well, I’m afraid you’re getting ready to change gears!

Questions to Ask Yourself When You Want to Get Fired

Now, when you tap yourself searching for other work openings, you’d better know the reason. Have you ever wondered why you’d do that? Is your job, your boss or the commuting that bad? Or is there another problem you aren’t even aware of?

Let’s have a look at a couple of different scenarios and possible solutions to make it easy for you to dare a big step:

  • Scenario #1 – You can’t stand your boss. Your chemistry with her isn’t as good as you’d have liked to, but that’s life. Solution:
    • If there’s something specific bothering you about your boss, why not try and speak to her about it? Is it something that could be changed?
    • If you love everything about your work – except for your boss – try confronting her, changing departments, or instead leaving the company.
  • Scenario #2 – It’s not about the people who work with you, but about the actual job. Solution:
    • If your job bores you, you could talk to your boss and see if you could add up some responsibilities, or change your work scope.
    • On the other hand, if you’re overwhelmed with all the tasks you’re supposed to be doing, you’d better communicate it before exploding. Has it ever occurred to you that other people haven’t noticed? That they all think you’re happy with your chores? Sometimes you just need to put a foot down πŸ˜‰
  • Scenario #4 – Commuting is getting at your nerves. You love your job, even like your boss, but your non-existing work-life balance is killing you. Solution:
    • Ask for a remote position within the company.
    • If that doesn’t work, you’d better search for an opening near you.
  • Scenario #5 – Just the thought of looking for another job and another boss gives you a shudder. You want to use your creativity to work for yourself and be self-employed.
    • Start freelancing and offer your services to potential customers.
    • Start an online business with a passive income stream, like teaching online. This is something that you can do from the comfort of your home – and without bosses or commuting!

Recap – Steps to Take if You Want to Get Fired

Step #1. If you’re fed up with your job, make sure you know the reason before taking the leap without having a plan. Make yourself the following questions:

  • Is it your boss?
  • Is it your work chores?
  • Is it the commuting to the office?
  • Or is it rather that you don’t want to work for somebody else?

Step #2 Once you know the reasons for your unhappiness at work, you can take the appropriate steps:

  • Communication is always the #1 option.
    • Would it make sense to talk to your boss about any disagreements you may have?
    • Has your work become too boring and you’d like to have more responsibilities?
    • Are you overwhelmed with too many chores and you’d like a helping hand?
    • Would you like to work part-time or remotely? Talk to your boss!
  • If you have the freelancing bug, figure out how you’re going to start your own business:
    • Are you offering services or products to potential customers?
    • Or are you rather creating online products or courses to get some passive income?
  • Now the only thing left for you to do is planning how you’re going to make that transition and take the leap!
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