If you are something like me, you have a one-woman shop and no time to be reinventing the wheel all over again. You just need quick hacks to get your message delivered to your people, and that means reusing your content for all platforms without having to write it all over again! Especially great content!

Besides, you actually NEED to reuse your content from time to time so that your blog stays updated, so why not include repurposing your posts to your overall content marketing strategy?

How to repurpose your blog content and social media captions

What content can I repurpose to work smarter and save some time?

Repurposing content between your blog posts and social media content

  • Summarize your blog posts and use them as captions for your Instagram feed posts.
  • Use the headlines in your step-by-step posts or tutorials to create an educational carousel, an Instagram reel or Idea Pin.
  • Describe what your blog post is about on Twitter and Facebook to let everyone know that you just published a new blog post.
  • Create pinnable images for your blog post, save it to your most apropriate Pinterest boards and make it easy for your readers to save those pins!

Repurposing content from and to your newsletter

  • Don’t go crazy trying to come up with new content for your weekly email, and just tell your email subscribers what your new blog post is about.
  • From your weekly email to social media or blog posts
    • I’m sure you have older emails that resonated with your audience and that you’d love to share again! Why not using them for Instagram or Facebook posts then?
    • You could also use turn the content into the perfect script for a Facebook or Instagram Live!
    • If you feel inspired, add some more info to turn them into blog posts!

Repurposing video content

  • Use the scripts you write for your podcast to create blog posts or social media content.
  • Turn any Facebook Live, Instagram Live or any kind of streaming to a podcast episode.
  • Use your podcast episodes, Facebook Lives, Instagram Lives or any kind of video to create promoted content!
Time management for bloggers and podcasters

Another way of reusing content – Updating older blog posts

Apart from your ongoing content creation, updating your older blog posts as part of your content marketing strategy is always a good idea! You may have tried new strategies or tools that you’d like to share with your audience, without having to write a whole new blog about it. Just update the older one with the new info, and make sure that you share it in your email and social platforms!

Benefits from updating older blog posts

These are some of the positive side effects that I’ve found so far since I started updating my older blog posts:

  • You may find broken links that you can fix.
  • There might be some posts about useful tools that have gone obsolete.
  • You may find interesting posts to add new affiliate links, or delete links that aren’t up-to-date anymore.
  • This is your chance to update older images… and maybe create new pins that link to your updated post!
  • And the same happens with older opt-ins that aren’t relevant anymore. It’s time to replace them with your brand new freebies!
  • This whole updating process is also great to improve your internal SEO, as you may come up with valuable blog posts that you forgot to link to from newer posts.

Just imagine having new links to valuable older posts that have new images and updated info!

A big help when creating new content for your blog

I’ve found that reviewing older posts helps me come up with ideas for new posts!

  • Sometimes, it means writing about the same topic from another point of view.
    • Take for instance the hype about Marie Kondo that started with her Netflix show. If you wrote something about her tidying process, rewind 2 years later, and you have The Home Edit show.
    • Did you like both shows? Did you despise Marie’s way of taking everything out of the wardrobes before starting to sort anything out? Do you LOVE or HATE the rainbows in The Home Edit?
    • There are zillions of ways to handle the same topic, and it doesn’t necessarily have to include Netflix πŸ˜…
  • Bundle several blog posts with a new roundup post as an intro to all of them.

Work-life balance for bloggers and influencers is possible with a smart social media strategy in place!

Avoid reinventing the wheel and plan a social media content strategy that allows you to reuse your content on your blog, your podcast, and your social media captions.

Time management for bloggers and podcasters

PS. Feel free to download this content brainstorming sheet if you struggle with coming up with ideas for your blog posts. I hope you find it useful!

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