• Handling last minute jobs

    How to Handle Last Minute Freelance Jobs

    It’s 3 pm on a Friday afternoon. You’re wrapping up your week and start your weekend when you get an email. It comes from a customer asking you to accept a small but urgent job. So urgent that you can forget about your Friday night, your Saturday and any plan that you might have. So […]

  • Learning new languages

    How Learning Foreign Languages Can Help You Find Freelance Work

    If you have a look at platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr, you’ll see lots of freelancers who offer their services in English, even though it’s not their mother tongue. Why? As English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, they hope to reach a higher number of customers. And that […]

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

    Stop Complaining Now And Change What You Don’t Like

    We all have that friend who always seems to have luck. Who got the best grades at college, applied for a study abroad scholarship and – guess what – got it. That friend who’s successful at work and looks happy with her personal life. You know what I’m talking about, right? And having someone like […]

  • Make Money While Traveling the World

    How to Make Money While Traveling the World

    Would you love to travel the world, or at least take a longer vacation, but you can’t afford to go on a trip for more than one or two weeks? Have you ever dreamt of traveling the world for a year? Duh! But who can do that, right? It’s not just how much money we […]

  • Keep focus

    How to Stop Procrastinating – And Learn How to Focus

    Have you ever wondered where your day went? Do you know this feeling? You stand up and – in your mind – you go through everything you’d like to get done today. But, somehow, the hours go by, and when it’s time to go to bed again, you realize you haven’t done what you wanted […]

  • Combining high and low workload

    How to Handle Unsteady Periods of Workload

    We live in a time and in a society, where one of the biggest issues is time shortage. Who doesn’t say “I have no time” at least once a week, right? The number of planners, time management tools, and resources to be able to cope with a mile-long to-do list without going crazy is simply […]

  • What Stops You from Making Changes in your Life

    Can you relate? You find it hard to hear how other people spend their time traveling around the world while making money. Or how other moms are working from home and can organize their time in a way that they can take care of both family and work. And you find it so hard to […]

  • How Can You Stop Being Scared of Failure

    When she turned 3, my daughter became a timid child. She used to avoid adults so that she didn’t have to talk to them. On the playground, she’d wait for all children to leave the slide she wanted to get on – and then slide down on her own. I didn’t want to put any […]