• Find out how to become a blogger and earn money from home. #earnmoneyblogging #workfromhome

    How Do Bloggers Make Money? And How Can I Become One?

    OK, let’s be real here. When someone describes herself as a blogger, the most likely reaction she’ll get is a blank stare, a half-smile or a raise of both eyebrows – or even worse: A raise of only one eyebrow! And you know why I think that happens? Because “normal” people have no idea about […]

  • How to live like a digital nomad

    Living Like a Digital Nomad – Trial Month

    Now that summer has officially started and that the holidays are just around the corner, most people are getting ready to take some days off and completely unplug from work. And I say *most* people because there are others who are planning what to work on during the holidays. I have to admit it… That’s […]

  • Waiting for customers to come

    How Can I Turn My Creativity into a Business

    Haven’t you always wanted to take a couple of months and move to the French countryside to write a book like Colin Firth in Love Actually? Or what about writing a Broadway play from a beautiful room with huge windows overlooking the ocean? (Something’s Gotta Give, anyone?). A dream job, right? Is there anything better […]

  • Get customers without using social media

    Do I Need Social Media to Find Customers?

    Do you want to know something crazy? Are you ready…? There are people who don’t like Instagram. There, I said it 🀭 Posting on Instagram, or any other social media platform can feel easy for someone who is doing it for fun, but if your goal is finding customers, the fun part can quickly disappear. […]

  • What is the best age to freelance?

    What Is the Best Age to Freelance?

    Let’s talk about excuses. About it being too early, too late, or not the right moment to start something new. When is it the right moment to start freelancing? What is the sign that we are supposed to get to make changes in our life? Right. There are hardly any external signs. Most of them […]