• Common errors about business

    6 Most Asked Questions On Running a Business as Solopreneur

    Having no boss, following your passions waking up a bit later, or just working in your PJs – whatever your reason might be for wanting to start a business, you’ll always have questions arising. Perfectly normal – that is, as long as they are only questions and not excuses that hold you back. When you […]

  • Successful boss babe

    The Secret to Becoming Successful Overnight

    Let’s be honest. How often have you wished that you could get money quick? Like REAL quick. I mean, all those successful people we see on the Internet, on TV… How do they do it? Why are they on the cover of a magazine and you’re still trying to make ends meet? What is their […]

  • Pros about Being Self-Employed during an Economic Crisis

    Have you ever heard how self-employment is too risky? How THE dream is to get a permanent position in a renowned company? So you fight hard to find one. In fact, you’ve been doing it your whole life! As long as you can remember. Your parents used to tell you what kind of job you […]

  • Invest money to start a business

    This is why you have to invest money if you want to make money!

    Why does everyone think that it is possible to make money without investing a cent? Can I tell you a secret? I’ve spent tons of money on courses, conferences, and education. And it’s not only because I love learning new things (I guess I could have stayed at school my whole life). It’s also because […]

  • Making time for everything

    How Do You Manage Everything In Your Life?

    >>> A personal post How do you find time for everything? That’s the question I get asked most. I guess the reason why I get that question is because I am quite a productive human begin. And that’s not to brag, quite the opposite actually. I can’t help it! When I was a teenager, my […]

  • Productivity without smartphone

    4 Reasons to Hate Your Smartphone When You’re Busy

    What would you say the most important thing for any entrepreneur is? Money? Success? Well, there’s no doubt that they’re definitely key elements for a business. However, the REAL thing a solopreneur would do anything to get more of is… TIME! Actually, any busy person in the world would. If you have more time, you […]

  • Start making money online with affiliate marketing in this episode of the online marketing series for beginners #digitalmarketing #affiliatemarketing #makemoneyonline #borntofreelance

    Online Marketing for Beginners: What Is Affiliate Marketing?

    Welcome to this week’s episode of the online marketing series for beginners! So far, we’ve covered the main elements of an online marketing strategy, the importance of having a website and how to attract visitors to it thanks to content marketing and onsite and offsite SEO techniques, as well as how to start and maintain a conversation with your potential customers […]

  • Check this episode of the Online Marketing series for beginners and find out what is email marketing, what is an email list, what do you need an email list for and what is a freebie. #marketingforsolopreneurs #emailmarketing #onlinemarketingforbeginners #emailmarketing #borntofreelance

    Online Marketing for Beginners: Email Marketing

    Welcome to this week’s episode of the online marketing series for beginners! If you haven’t read the previous episodes, please feel free to start with blog post #1 Online Marketing for Beginners: What Is It All About. This episode is about email marketing, a concept that might sound a bit spammy (receiving tons of junk […]

  • Social Media Marketing for Beginners

    Online Marketing for Beginners: Social Media Marketing

    Welcome to this week’s episode of the online marketing series for beginners! Now that we’ve covered the importance of having a website (our online business headquarter) and how to attract visitors to it thanks to content marketing and other onsite and offsite SEO techniques, let’s talk about social media marketing! Remember how we’ve been using a bakery as an example […]