• Successful freelancers

    How to Master Secret #1 to Successful Freelancers

    Have you ever wondered what the secret is to overnight success? How do some people become successful so quickly? How do they do it? Is it just luck? Can I also have success overnight? Well, unfortunately, the answer is that most of us can’t. Real success means work. Plan. Action. Hard. Work. But… What about those […]

  • How to handle loneliness as freelancer

    3 Ways to Handle Loneliness when Freelancing

    Loneliness is one of the excuses most people use for not starting an online business. And although it might seem kind of boring – just sitting on your own with the only company of your PC -, in my opinion, it’s just a matter of mindset. With a little bit of motivation and love for […]

  • Staying on track with your goals

    This is How You Can Stay on Track with Your Goals

    I bet you set yourself some New Year’s resolutions back in December. I bet they were awesome. I bet you told yourself that this year, you were going to accomplish them. No matter what. And that you were going to stay on track with your goals. This time for sure! So how is it going […]

  • Creativity work from home

    How to work from home without killing creativity

    A woman. No team. Hundreds of tasks. Help! – Does it sound like you? Do you sometimes wish everyone would just vanish for a couple of hours for you to be able to hear that creative voice of yours? That voice you haven’t been listening to due to administrative stuff, planning, emails, phone calls and […]

  • Work-life balance freelancer

    How to Enjoy Work-Life Balance As a Freelancer

    Have you ever heard the saying that freelancers never get sick? Never go on holidays? Never ever unplug? You may have even heard that – if you want to have a successful freelance business, you’ll have to forget about work-life balance. What am I saying? You’ll have to forget about your social life! And not […]

  • Planning Smartly

    Why Planning Is Not Always the Best Plan

    Has it ever occurred to you that we spend so much time planning our next tasks – that we actually end up with less time to take action? Don’t get me wrong, I love planning! I could be planning the whole day. And if I don’t accomplish something, never mind!! I’ll push today’s to-do list […]

  • Social media profiles

    How to Make Money Online – Even without a Website

    If you’re wondering whether you should have a website for your small business to make money online, think of it as an online business card. You’re giving everyone access to your online shop, to discover your products, and get to know your brand, your style, and the image you want your business to have. You […]

  • Happy Working from Home

    Freelancers vs Employees: Who Works Harder?

    Most people think that freelancers are under too much stress. That a traditional employee’s life is much easier: No responsibilities once you get home, no trying to get new customers, and no worrying about next month. Freelancers work too hard, they say. Well, that depends on what you understand under “too hard,” right? Freelancers vs. […]