Waiting for the right moment to do something is VERY tricky. Especially, if that something means that you’re quitting your job in order to start a home-based business. Because… When do you know that it’s THE best moment? How do you know that there isn’t going to be a better moment yet in a couple of months? Isn’t it cleverer to wait and see?

The thing is that we could be waiting our whole life for that best moment to happen, that stroke of enlightenment where we see our future bright and clear in front of us, but chances are that we’ll never know 100%. And if you’re young and have no strings attached, there’s still time for you to try here and there until you figure out what you really wanna do.

But if you’re in your 40s… Well, waiting for too long isn’t going to help you much, is it? In fact, NOW is a much better moment to start a home-based business than at your 20s!

I know, I know. People are gonna look weird. They’re gonna think you’ve lost your mind. They’re most likely gonna say that you must be in a mid-life crisis. How could you quit your job now if you aren’t stuck in a big crisis??

But you know what? That other people don’t dare doesn’t mean that you have to live your life the way they want you to. It’s YOUR life after all. So do yourself a favor and ask yourself this question: Do you want to quit your job? Do you want to start a home-based business? If the answer is yes, even if you’re a bit scared, keep reading πŸ˜‰

Why It Isn’t Too Late to Start a Home-Based Business at Your 40s

Is it really a good idea? Sure! It’s even better to start an online business from home at a later age then when you’re starting out your work life. Why? Well, the answer is very simple: Now you have more experience, and that’s something you’re going to need when you’re all by yourself at home.

Home-based business ideas for women

Don’t you think you have experience? Let me try to convince you:

  • If you’ve worked in several different positions in a company or field, you can better understand how different players within a specific industry work with and relate to each other. Take a car manufacturer – for instance – who would like to get its documents translated into Portuguese. They hire a translation agency, who, in turn, send the documents to freelancers for translation. Now, if you’ve already worked for both a manufacturer and an agency, you’ll be able to give high value as a freelance translator and to help either of them. And this applies to almost any freelancer.
  • After having worked for several years, you’ll most likely have learned how to organize yourself, how to meet deadlines and how to be productive, so you can apply your logistics and organization routines to your new self-employed business.
  • You’ve been working within a team, so you’ve learned to communicate professionally. This is something you can apply to relate better with other team members you may have to work with, as well as with customers. And this is not something all younger people can do.
  • At a later age, you can build a team smoothly – either as a manager or as a colleague. You’ll be paid more respect than a fresh graduate, and not only because of your age: You’ll be able to handle certain situations from an experienced point of view!

What Kind of Work Can I Do from Home?

Now that you’re self-aware of your abilities to start a home-based business, you’ll have to decide what your work is going to be!

Let me give you a couple of ideas:

  • Virtual Assistant – Perfect if you have experience in admin work, web design, social media or business communication. Find out more about how to become a virtual assistant.
  • Content writer – Ideal for you if writing is your thing. You can specialize in whatever it is that you like to write about. Check out this blog post on becoming a freelance writer.
  • Online course creator or ebook writer – If you’d rather teach others about your skills, why not becoming an online teacher from home? It’s much easier than you think, thanks to tools such as Teachable or Thinkific – and you can use them for free!
  • Blogger – You’d love to share your experiences with others, but don’t know what services or products you could create? Then why not try blogging as a part-time job? Try creating your own blog structure for free, and let me know what ideas you come up with!

No More Excuses!

So now that you know that you’re never too old to start changing gears and taking control of your work life, don’t try to think of any other excuse to keep postponing it. You may think you have no time, or you may say you have no money… but let’s be honest here and start planning your new life. You don’t need much time or money. Just lots of passion and motivation!

Alicia RG
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