Can you relate? You find it hard to hear how other people spend their time traveling around the world while making money. Or how other moms are working from home and can organize their time in a way that they can take care of both family and work. And you find it so hard to hear because you’d love to do something similar, but you can’t seem to be even able to try it. And the question is why not. What stops you from making changes you’ve been longing for so long?

Well, the truth is that it’s hard to change. It’s much easier to keep your lifestyle, even though you keep on complaining about the time you spend commuting in your car, about having to go to the office or about not having time to be with your family. You may want to travel around the world and start an adventure while making money blogging, but changing is hard. Life goes by much more smoothly when you keep your routine the way you’ve been doing so many years. But exactly that is the problem: That life goes by.

Possible Reasons For You Not to Change And Take Action

First of all, let me tell you that I’m listing here all reasons – ahem, excuses – I’ve given myself. So don’t think that I’m some kind of super robot who’s always had everything under control. I don’t think anyone has it. Every single person you may follow or admire has downtimes as well. Key here is for you to learn how to get up after falling down, and be able to keep motivated.

What is stopping you from making changes

So let’s go through all those reasons that may be stopping you from making changes in your life:

1. You have no time

Or that’s what you think. Look, “I have no time” is the sentence which I probably say most often. So I know that excuse too well πŸ˜‰ The thing is that it’s not right that you have no time – You just don’t make use of your time wisely. Check out these tips to “create” more time for you to start something new:

  • Work consistently during 1 hour – or even 30 minutes – per day on your project. If you really think that it isn’t doable, what about finding 3 to 5 hours on the weekends?
  • Wake up 1 hour earlier. If necessary, go to bed also 1 hour earlier, and you’ll feel fitter in the morning.
  • Alternatively, go to bed 1 hour later. That’s my thing, but don’t choose this option if you are kind of a morning person πŸ˜‰
  • Quit Netflix and social media as long as you’re planning your new life. If you can work during the week, leave your series-binge time for the weekend.
  • Stop checking your social media and emails constantly. Once or twice a day will do it as well!
  • Divide your to-do lists into microtasks. Don’t try to cope with big tasks in 1 hour, it’s much easier to take on a microtask at a time.

Check out this blog post about how to manage your time and start an online business off the ground.

2. You have no money

Besides time, money is the other biggie! Working from home and traveling around the world while making money have something in common: You’re working online. And you don’t really need much money to work online. In fact, you can start an online business for free, although I recommend you to “upgrade” once you start making money.

Check out this blog post about starting a business on a budget.

3. You hate selling

I hear ya! Selling was something I couldn’t imagine myself doing AT ALL. But selling doesn’t always equal selling. You can earn money by recommending stuff you’d recommend anyway! How? Check out this blog post about starting an online business when you hate selling and let me know what you think!

4. You’re determined to change your life, but you think you have no skills

OK, let me stop you right there. What does it mean you have no skills? So you haven’t learned anything in your whole life? There isn’t anything you’re good at, and you couldn’t teach anything at all. Is that what you think?? I challenge you to:

  • First, read this post to discover your passion.
  • Second, complete this Ikigai worksheet.
  • Third, let me know whether you’ve changed your mind. Sometimes we just a need a bit of creativity πŸ˜‰

5. You struggle with self-motivation

One of the hardest aspects of starting working from home or traveling around the world with your laptop – and hoping that you’re going to earn an income out of it – is that you’re most likely going to do it on your own. And you need willpower for that. Willpower, and keep motivated – even if it feels tough. How?

  • Make a plan and stick to it! Some days, you’ll find it easy peasy. Other days, you’ll feel defeated, that you’re not worth it and that nothing makes sense – so many hard-working days without earning any money at first! So just stick to the plan you’ve set up. Just complete all tasks one by one – without blinders on, and without thinking.
  • If you can’t motivate yourself, search for outer help! So look for motivating books, inspiring podcasts, energizing networking groups, or anything else which pumps you up.
  • Read how sticking with a plan can help you stop struggling with self-motivation.

6. You think that working from home is boring

I’m not going to deny that working from home can’t get boring from time to time. But it’s just that – from time to time. If you set up your home office as a place where you develop your professional work, boredom can hardly get into play.

If you still miss meeting people, nothing stops you from visiting a coworking space a couple of times a week, or even working from a coffee-shop!

Don’t forget that the compacter your work schedule at your home office is, the more time you’ll have to enjoy as you please! Check out this blog post about fighting boredom when working from home.

7. You’re scared of feeling like a failure

Let me tell you this: Failures may hurt, but the lesson you learn is more valuable than paying for a high-class course. Besides, what does failing mean when you work online? I mean, if you see something isn’t working, you can change it so that it attracts more clients! It’s not like you’ve invested in a brick-and-mortar restaurant, with all its tables, chairs, silverware, rental or leasing costs!

That fear of being exposed – and not making it – stops many of us from even trying to start something new. And that’s really a shame! Your fears are most likely to live just in your mind, so try to figure out where they come from, and what could be the worst thing that could happen. And remember: Avoid comparing yourselves to others!

Keep reading about how to overcome your fears and doing it scared in this blog post.

Making changes in my life

Recap – Reasons That May Stop You from Making Changes And Start Something New

  1. You have no time. Plan thoroughly all steps you need to make your dream a reality, and eliminate all time-sucking habits that we all tend to create.
  2. You have no money. Make use of all free resources available as YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs, and online tools.
  3. You hate selling. Once you discover what your audience needs, offering them a solution won’t feel like selling but helping.
  4. You think you have no skills. Combine what you’ve learned, what you’re good at and what you like doing, and complete your ikigai worksheet to get multiple ideas on how to work online!
  5. You struggle with self-motivation. Make a plan, and stick to it no matter what! Just keep working. And if you need outer motivation, search for podcasts, books or blogs which pump you up!
  6. You think that working from home is boring. Set up a fix work schedule, and make the most out of your working time. You’ll have much more opportunities to enjoy your free time if you set up your home office professionally.
  7. You’re afraid of failing. Failure is just a synonym for learning in the online world. There’s hardly any online service which can’t be undone and modified until you find out what sticks.

Can you see a common pattern in all these reasons you may have to not starting right now? Yep. They’re mostly excuses you use unconsciously to avoid getting out of your comfort zone. So once you admit it, you’ll be able to forget them all, and you’ll be able to take action. And remember:

It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

– Confucius

Born to Freelance


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