Can you relate? You find it hard to hear how other people spend their time traveling around the world while making money. Or how other women are working from home and can organize their time in a way that they can take care of both family and work. And you find it so hard to hear because you’d love to do something similar, but you can’t seem to be able to. Not even to try it. And the question is, why not. What stops you from making changes you’ve been longing for so long?

Well, my guess is that you find it hard to change. Keeping your lifestyle is much easier, even though you keep on complaining about the time you spend commuting in your car, about having to go to the office, or about not having time to be with your family. You may want to travel around the world and start an adventure while making money freelancing, but changes are hard. Life goes by much more smoothly when you keep your routine the way you’ve been doing for so many years!

Possible Reasons For You Not to Change And Take Action

First of all, let me tell you that I’ve given myself all these reasons below at some time or another. So don’t think I’m some super robot who’s always had everything under control. I don’t think anyone does. Every single person you may follow or admire has downtimes as well. The key here is for you to learn how to get up after falling down and be able to stay motivated.

What stops you from changing your life?

So let’s go through all those reasons that may be stopping you from making changes in your life:

  1. You have no time. Plan thoroughly all steps you need to make your dream a reality, and eliminate all time-sucking habits that we all tend to create.
  2. You have no money. Make use of all free resources available as YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs, and online tools.
  3. You hate selling. Once you discover what your audience needs, offering them a solution won’t feel like selling but helping.
  4. You think you have no skills. Combine what you’ve learned, what you’re good at, and what you like doing, and complete this free ikigai worksheet to get multiple ideas on how to work online!
  5. You struggle with self-motivation. Make a plan, and stick to it no matter what! Just keep working. And if you need outer motivation, search for podcasts, books, or blogs that pump you up!
  6. You think that working by yourself is boring. Set up a fixed work schedule, and make the most out of your working time. You’ll have much more opportunities to enjoy your free time if you set up your home office professionally.
  7. You’re afraid of failing. Failure is just a synonym for learning in the online world. There’s hardly any online service that can’t be undone and modified until you find out what sticks.
  8. You think you’re too old to start something new. You know what? Age can be an asset, not necessarily an obstacle! Check out this blog post on age and freelancing and convince yourself!

Can you see a common pattern for all these reasons? Yep. They’re mostly excuses you use unconsciously to avoid getting out of your comfort zone. So once you admit it, you’ll be able to forget them all, and you’ll be able to take action. And remember: “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius.

Alicia RG
xoxo - Born to Freelance
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