Do you like to set goals? Start new projects and adventures? Do you end up every year, every summer holiday, and even every week (!) setting new goals… that never really come true? Well, you’re not the only one! Let’s be honest. We’re constantly setting goals that we forget about.

Does any of the following sound familiar to you?

“From now on…

  • … I won’t eat any more chocolate cookies… This will be my very last one.”
  • … I will read a book instead of watching Netflix, … Well, just one more episode of Bridgerton and I’ll start tomorrow.”

And that is how we start deceiving ourselves into believing that we are working to reach a goal. But we’re not. We are just setting goals. Over and over again.

So how do you feel when you realize that you aren’t REALLY doing anything to reach that dream of yours? Especially when it could be a life-changing goal, like starting your own business or getting your very first client! Do you feel disappointed in yourself?

Passport to Freelance

Differences between setting and achieving a goal

Unfortunately, when we talk about goals, “setting” doesn’t automatically equal “achieving”. A goal is a wish, a dream that can become a reality if you work to achieve it. But just working isn’t good enough. You have to work smart. In fact, for a goal to become reachable, you need to:

  1. set the RIGHT goal,
  2. plan SPECIFIC steps, and
  3. actually FOLLOW those steps.

Otherwise, without the right goal, you may find yourself working in the wrong direction. And the same can happen if you don’t plan the specific steps that you need to follow! I think that this applies to almost any goal in life, but especially when it comes to long-term goals like quitting your job and starting a business, or just having a side-hustle that can let your creativity make some money! So let’s see how to set the right goal and how to work smarter to achieve it!

How to set the right goal to design the business of your dream

1. Set the RIGHT goal

To set the right goal you’ll need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • WHAT is it that you want? What does your dream life – or dream business – look like in your mind? Can you describe it?
    If you’re struggling to come up with your ideal dream business, feel free to download this Ikigai worksheet to start brainstorming!
    Once you have it, write down the goal that you want to accomplish in big bold letters!
Find Your Passion - Ikigai Worksheet
  • WHEN. You need to have a due date. When do you want to start freelancing? Write it onto your calendar or planner!
  • WHY. I won’t ask you the typical “what is your why?” question BUT really, why do you want to change your life? How will it get better? Is it really shedding a few pounds your goal, or is it rather feeling good about yourself? Do you want to start freelancing or do you strive for the freedom that freelancing seems to offer?
  • HOW. How will you reach that goal? Well, you need a plan! And that takes us to our second step, so keep reading!

2. Plan SPECIFIC steps.

  • First of all, you need a date, so if you just skipped that, go back to Step 1 and set a date for your goal!
  • Split your goal into small steps. You need achievable tasks to avoid procrastination, especially if you are working full time, so make sure that you split your goal into as many steps as it goes.
  • Plan backwards. Starting from the end, assign a date to each step!

If you want to start freelancing and choose where and when to work but you’re also a bit lost and don’t know where to start, check out this roadmap to self-employment. I hope you find it useful!

Free Roadmap to Self-Employment

3. Actually FOLLOW those steps.

The fact that setting goals doesn’t equal reaching them is something we’ve already agreed on. That is why you set the RIGHT goal, split it into achievable mini-steps, and created your own roadmap. So the next step is easy: Follow that roadmap. Starting a business is not something that happens overnight (even though there are many ”experts” saying so). You need to be aware of the whole journey that is expecting you. And I’m not gonna lie… It won’t always be easy. In fact, it can feel so hard that you’ll feel tempted to stop trying. But there’s one certainty you already know: If you don’t try to reach your goals, you will never succeed!

Design your dream business and start freelancing

So if you are constantly trying to start something new but you can’t seem to live up to your dreams, remember: You need to set the right goal, plan detailed steps to make it specific and achievable, and follow your plan!!

Alicia RG
xoxo - Born to Freelance
Born to Freelance
Set the right goals to start freelancing

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