Guess what fear #1 of freelancers and solopreneurs is? Having a period of low workload! That’s when you start second-guessing everything you’ve been working for. Was it the right decision to start freelancing? What if I don’t earn enough money to make ends meet? Should I start looking for a part-time job? Now, those are legitimate fears for new freelancers. But when you’ve been freelancing for some time, you know that there are high and low workload phases. You’ll even notice that these phases repeat themselves every single year! So you have two options – Getting nervous and start searching for a part-time job twice a year – every year… Or rather include those low workload phases into your yearly planning. ‘Cause you have to plan if you want to take advantage of them and go on vacation!!

Freelancers deserve to go on vacation

Now, barely a freelancer considers going on vacation at all! They’re afraid of losing interesting projects – or even worse, losing customers! Besides, taking some time off also means not earning money! So how are you supposed to spend money on holidays WITHOUT earning money?

So how can we do that? How can freelancers go on vacation without losing customers and money?

Things to consider if you want to go on vacation as a freelancer

♥ Watch and analyze your customers’ behavior. Do you have seasonal changes in your workload? Do low-tide work periods repeat themselves approximately at the same time in the year? Then it’s time for you to plan for next year. Make sure to plan your vacation when you know you aren’t going to be on the highest workload peak.

♥ When the low workload goes by, and you’re overwhelmed with work… You’ll regret that you didn’t go on vacation!

♥ As for money… It’s hard at the beginning, but once you’re over your first years of freelancing, you’ll know approximately when and how much income you’re earning when. That means that you’ll have to save on good months for the not so good months. Think of your income as a yearly salary you have to distribute over 12 months and make the best of it! But don’t sacrifice your free time 😉

♥ Every business is different, and you may need to be there for your customers all year long. So, if you can’t afford to disconnect from work completely, you can also combine work and travel! Check out my post How to work and travel – With or Without Your Family, and let me know if this would be an option for you.

Taking some time off and letting your mind have a rest can turn out to be the most productive strategy you can ever apply to your online business! So go ahead, start planning your next vacation and let your mind take some time off as well 😉

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