Many people dream of quitting their work. Leaving the office for good and never ever go back. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Just leaving the office and working from home!

Whether you want to work remotely as an employee from the comfort of your home, or you want to be self-employed – leaving the office is something many people dream of. The problem is that very few know what working from home really means. Now, don’t take me wrong – I love it! But I can see why many consider working from home boring as hell. So boring that it makes you wonder if you made the wrong decision.

Avoiding boredom

Let me tell you one thing upfront: Even though freelancing from home is the ideal work condition for some people – like me -, you don’t have to stick to your decision of quitting your job and work from home forever: If you can’t get over the boredom it causes you and can’t enjoy it, just “quit” your home-office. It’s as simple as that! Look for a new job where you get to meet your colleagues at the office every day, and say goodbye to your slippers!

However, before letting boredom get in control, just remind yourself why you wanted to quit the office in the first place.

Before giving up your home-office, remember why you wanted it so bad

  • Was it because you were completely overwhelmed with work, kids’ agendas and housework? Has any of this changed? Do you think that anything would be better now that your kids are older and don’t need you that much?
    • You may have lost interest in a home-office because your life situation has changed, and it makes total sense.
  • Was it because you wanted to start something on your own? You didn’t want a boss anymore, and working from home would allow you to have that freedom you always wanted to make decisions for your own company.
    • You thought this is what you wanted, but you’ve now realized that you miss having someone around to have a chat with.
  • Was it because you wanted to be location independent? Maybe you’d always dreamed of traveling around the world… but never really got to travel much.
    • In fact, you’ve been working from home trying to find the best moment to start nomading. And now you feel kind of trapped. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next journey!

At the end of the day, whether working from home is something you wanna do – or keep doing – is your personal decision, and yours only. But let me help you with a couple of ideas you could fight boredom with – if you really want to make it work:

Ideas to Fight Boredom When Working from Home

  1. Start training. Yep. Sport can give you the kick you’re longing for in your “boring” home-office hours. If being around people is something you miss, joining your local fitness club could be a great opportunity for you. You don’t feel / can’t spend money right now on a fitness center? Then start running! It’s completely free, you can literally start when you step out your door, and you get some fresh air!
  2. Something which works for me is planning fixed work times. That’s the way for me to feel I can handle my work agenda. I know when I’m going to work, and I can schedule it appropriately. I’d probably do it in a different way if I weren’t subject to school timetables, but that’s how life looks for me right now πŸ˜‰
  3. Schedule your breaks. If you’re something like me and fail to schedule your breaks, you’ll probably wonder how long you can work without standing up – and that’s not good… So schedule your work times AND your breaks!
  4. Lunch outside with friends. You’re working at home, so you get to decide where and when you have your lunch break, right? Take the chance and go out, at least once a week. If this is what you’re missing from your office work, just keep having lunch with human beings πŸ˜‰
  5. Look for coworking spaces near you. You’ll feel you’re working at an office, but you’re still in control of your time and your location. Coworking spaces usually offer both monthly and hourly or daily rates, so you can mix working at home and at the office.
Boring Home-Office

How to Stay Motivated and Engaged When You Work From Home

  • Just in case you forgot: Office is not that fun either. If you enjoy chatting with your colleagues, think about the time you’re missing. And I don’t mean that you should work more productively and have less fun. I mean exactly the opposite: Get the work done as quick as possible for you to have more free time, and enjoy the chatting with those you choose – and they don’t have to necessarily be your workmates!
  • Get over your boredom and use it to activate your creativity. Think about it: When you’re busy-busy working, your mind is focused on that work you’re performing. So, having enough – and boring – time on your own allows your mind to come up with new ideas. Listen to them. Don’t let those ideas get lost. How? Here you are a couple of tips:
    • Enjoy the silence. Turn off the music / TV / Netflix. Let’s hear those thoughts of yours!
    • Schedule some time to think. Yep. Just think and write down any valuable ideas which came to your mind.
    • Now, schedule some time to take those ideas into action.
    • Check out this article about the “art of being bored.” You’ll find out a couple of amazing positive effects of boredom πŸ˜‰
  • Work as much as you can in advance, and reward yourself taking the day off. Who’s gonna notice? What about half a day? Now, ain’t that motivation?

Get more motivation to work from home

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Fighting boredom is one of the main challenges you can face when working from home. What once seemed a dream life can become quite lonely. #workingfromhome #howtofightboredom #home-office #borntofreelance