Would you like to start an online business and work from home, but you don’t know what the perfect online business for you is? The straightforward answer to this question would be that you have to know yourself to figure it out, but easier said than done, right? So let’s try to discover together what’s the perfect online business for you πŸ™‚

Discover your online business

4 stepsΒ to choose the perfect online business for you:

β™₯ Your strengths – What are you good at? What are your natural-born talents? Were you always a team-player? The perfect host? Are you crafty? Did you start singing like the greatest rockstar before you could even speak? Do people usually like to listen to your advice?
β™₯ Your skills –
What have you learned all these years? What did you study? Can you speak any language? Use any software? Did you join any course? Have you been practicing any sports? Have you read any book that gave you a special insight about something and you’re willing to share? Are you a techie person?
β™₯ Your experience –
Which tasks did you develop – or are still developing – at your past jobs? What were you responsible for? Did you acquire project management skills? Have you become online-tool savvy?
β™₯ Your hobbies –
What could you be doing the whole day without even noticing that lunch time is way over? Can you think of any job where you could apply your hobbies? I’m sure you can!! There are options for even the craziest ideas!

Combine your strengths, your skills, your experience and your hobbies to find out what your perfect online business is

I bet you’re thinking “yeah, right, as if it were so easy!” with rolling eyes πŸ˜› Just check this out:

You love video games and could sit for hours in front of the TV playing? Become a video game tester!
Your passion is shopping? What about becoming a mystery shopper?? I’m sure you’ve gained so much experience shopping, that you could become a style coach πŸ˜‰
Could you hang around on Facebook for hours? So why not become a community manager?

Yep. You’ve been waiting your whole life to get home and start having fun, and there are people out there earning money with your hobbies. Something to think about, right??

Just make yourself a favor and write down all 4 factors – your strengths, skills, experience and hobbies – on the same piece of paper. Then, try to combine at least two of them. This free ebook below may help you come up with the perfect online business for you. Feel free to download it πŸ™‚

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If you can’t come with a business idea, I dare you to tell me what they are, and I’ll try to find an idea for you to develop further πŸ˜‰

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