Welcome back to the Changing Careers Series! Each week, I’m going to handle a different freelance career: A profession typically performed by people who have their own business, and work from home – or anywhere else. This week is all about freelance community managers. Let’s get started!

Social Media Manager

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What does a freelance community manager do?

A freelance community manager takes care of all social media accounts of her customers. They can write posts on social platforms, answer questions or comments, and try to create and maintain a relationship with the different social media networks’ users. Although their tasks are different, community managers are often also known as social media managers, who are rather in charge of creating social media strategies. For the sake of uncomplicating things, I’m going to be treating them as one and only person πŸ™‚

Some examples of freelance community managers’ work:

β™₯ Writing posts for different social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter.

β™₯ Uploading images on visual social media networks, like Instagram and Pinterest.

β™₯ Scheduling all social media activities on social media tools, like Hootsuite or Planoly.

β™₯ Tracking and analyzing all social media activities related to the brand they’re representing.

Some additional notes about freelance social media managers’ work

β™₯Β Working on social media marketing can drive you nuts if you don’t have a plan, so you’d rather test some social media scheduling tools before choosing the one which you feel more comfortable with. They usually offer a free testing period, so take advantage of it πŸ˜‰

β™₯Β After choosing your social media scheduling tools, create a strategy for yourself. How are you going to distribute your time to serve – hopefully – so many customers??
These posts about social media strategy may be of help:

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How to Choose the Best Time-Saving Tools

β™₯ The key factor to have great success as a community manager is having a good organization talent AND high doses of communication and diplomatic skills. Think of social media trolls!! You have to be well aware that you’re the voice of your customer, which means that you’re going to have to think twice before you hit publish πŸ˜‰

Equipment I need as a freelance translator

β™₯ Good PC or laptop
β™₯Β High-speed Internet connection – You’re going to have to be online A LOT.
β™₯Β Social media scheduling tools. Choose one of them, but get to know all of them! You don’t wanna get caught uncharged!
β™₯Β Check out this post about practical tools & equipment for freelancers you could be getting for special dates, like Christmas or Black Friday πŸ˜‰

Interested? Questions?

Let me know your thoughts about freelancing as a social media or community manager. Do you have any questions you’d like me to address? Go for it πŸ˜‰

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