Time Management

  • Making time for everything

    How Do You Manage Everything In Your Life?

    >>> A personal post How do you find time for everything? That’s the question I get asked most. I guess the reason why I get that question is because I am quite a productive human begin. And that’s not to brag, quite the opposite actually. I can’t help it! When I was a teenager, my […]

  • Productivity without smartphone

    4 Reasons to Hate Your Smartphone When You’re Busy

    What would you say the most important thing for any entrepreneur is? Money? Success? Well, there’s no doubt that they’re definitely key elements for a business. However, the REAL thing a solopreneur would do anything to get more of is… TIME! Actually, any busy person in the world would. If you have more time, you […]

  • Time management for multipassionate freelancers

    Time Management for Multipassionate Souls

    How many times have you read about a new app on the market and you’ve thought “See? I knew that would work!” or something like “Damn it! I should have tried it myself when I first thought of it!” But you know what the problem is? You come up with so many ideas – every […]

  • Keep focus

    How to Stop Procrastinating – And Learn How to Focus

    Have you ever wondered where your day went? Do you know this feeling? You stand up and – in your mind – you go through everything you’d like to get done today. But, somehow, the hours go by, and when it’s time to go to bed again, you realize you haven’t done what you wanted […]

  • Combining high and low workload

    How to Handle Unsteady Periods of Workload

    We live in a time and in a society, where one of the biggest issues is time shortage. Who doesn’t say “I have no time” at least once a week, right? The number of planners, time management tools, and resources to be able to cope with a mile-long to-do list without going crazy is simply […]