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  • 3 Ways to Work from Home

    How Can I Start Working From Home?

    Have you always wanted to work from home but don’t really know how to start? How do you get work? Do you have clients or bosses? And what about money? Do you get paid monthly? Well, it all depends on what kind of relationship you wanna have with your customers. Are remote workers and freelancers […]

  • Time as an excuse

    3 Excuses Why You Don’t Pursue Your Dreams

    Sometimes, you feel the need to pursue your dreams, to quit your job, and – at least, try – to start your own business… So you decide to give it a try. You always wanted to be your own boss – and the time has come! At first, you’re super pumped about it, you buy a […]

  • Starting something new

    3 Reasons Why Starting Something New Seems So Hard

    There comes a time in life when you stop and look back. You start wondering whether you’ve had the life you wanted, or if you’ve rather been going with the flow, without really considering other choices. When times like these come, something magical happens. These are the moments where you choose to change. Where you […]

  • Work-life balance freelancer

    How to Enjoy Work-Life Balance As a Freelancer

    Have you ever heard the saying that freelancers never get sick? Never go on holidays? Never ever unplug? You may have even heard that – if you want to have a successful freelance business, you’ll have to forget about work-life balance. What am I saying? You’ll have to forget about your social life! And not […]

  • Happy Working from Home

    Freelancers vs Employees: Who Works Harder?

    Most people think that freelancers are under too much stress. That a traditional employee’s life is much easier: No responsibilities once you get home, no trying to get new customers, and no worrying about next month. Freelancers work too hard, they say. Well, that depends on what you understand under “too hard,” right? Freelancers vs. […]

  • Online Yoga Teacher

    5 Reasons Why You Should Start an Online Business

    Have you ever dreamt of having your own cute little shop or being the owner of the fanciest restaurant in town? You can even smell the food and hear your guests chatting… A dream… But, when reality strikes, you remember how much money you’d need for the shop rent, for the restaurant’s tables, chairs, employees, […]