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  • Common errors about business

    6 Most Asked Questions On Running a Business as Solopreneur

    Having no boss, following your passions waking up a bit later, or just working in your PJs – whatever your reason might be for wanting to start a business, you’ll always have questions arising. Perfectly normal – that is, as long as they are only questions and not excuses that hold you back. When you […]

  • Successful boss babe

    The Secret to Becoming Successful Overnight

    Let’s be honest. How often have you wished that you could get money quick? Like REAL quick. I mean, all those successful people we see on the Internet, on TV… How do they do it? Why are they on the cover of a magazine and you’re still trying to make ends meet? What is their […]

  • Invest money to start a business

    This is why you have to invest money if you want to make money!

    Why does everyone think that it is possible to make money without investing a cent? Can I tell you a secret? I’ve spent tons of money on courses, conferences, and education. And it’s not only because I love learning new things (I guess I could have stayed at school my whole life). It’s also because […]

  • Girl dreaming

    The Easy Trick to Stay Motivated and Pursue Your Dreams

    Do you know that feeling when you get so hypermotivated with an idea that you can even visualize it? It might be pursuing your dream career, or moving to another country or even just losing weight! You know, that kind of goal we typically set ourselves for New Year or after the Summer holidays – […]

  • Find out how to become a blogger and earn money from home. #earnmoneyblogging #workfromhome

    How Do Bloggers Make Money? And How Can I Become One?

    OK, let’s be real here. When someone describes herself as a blogger, the most likely reaction she’ll get is a blank stare, a half-smile or a raise of both eyebrows – or even worse: A raise of only one eyebrow! And you know why I think that happens? Because “normal” people have no idea about […]

  • The Best Moment to Start a Home-Based Business

    Waiting for the right moment to do something is VERY tricky. Especially, if that something means that you’re quitting your job in order to start a home-based business. Because… When do you know that it’s THE best moment? How do you know that there isn’t going to be a better moment yet in a couple […]

  • Changing Careers - Ghostwriter #ghostwriter-writing #changing-careers #ghostwriter-jobs #whatisaghostwriter

    Changing Careers: What is a Ghostwriter?

    Welcome back to the Changing Careers Series! On each episode, I’m going to handle a different freelance career: A profession typically performed by people who have their own business, and work from home – or anywhere else. This week is all about ghostwriters. Let’s get started! What does a ghostwriter do? A ghostwriter is a […]

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

    Stop Complaining Now And Change What You Don’t Like

    We all have that friend who always seems to have luck. Who got the best grades at college, applied for a study abroad scholarship and – guess what – got it. That friend who’s successful at work and looks happy with her personal life. You know what I’m talking about, right? And having someone like […]