Social Media

  • Get customers without using social media

    Do I Need Social Media to Find Customers?

    Do you want to know something crazy? Are you ready…? There are people who don’t like Instagram. There, I said it 🤭 Posting on Instagram, or any other social media platform can feel easy for someone who is doing it for fun, but if your goal is finding customers, the fun part can quickly disappear. […]

  • Social Media Marketing for Beginners

    Online Marketing for Beginners: Social Media Marketing

    Welcome to this week’s episode of the online marketing series for beginners! Now that we’ve covered the importance of having a website (our online business headquarter) and how to attract visitors to it thanks to content marketing and other onsite and offsite SEO techniques, let’s talk about social media marketing! Remember how we’ve been using a bakery as an example […]

  • Online Reputation Management

    How to Protect Your Online Reputation

    Sometimes we forget what the Internet is. It’s certainly not a place we meet our friends to have a private conversation. Neither it is anything near to a personal phone call. Or to have a coffee with your sister. If you share a message on Facebook, only your friends – if you have all privacy […]