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  • Content Marketing? It may sound complicated, but it's as easy as start writing! Check this episode of the Online Marketing series for beginners, and you'll find out why delivering value matters. #marketingforsolopreneurs #contentmarketing #onlinemarketingforbeginners #borntofreelance

    Online Marketing for Beginners: Content Marketing

    Welcome to this week’s episode of the online marketing series for beginners! So far, we’ve covered the main tools of online marketing, and we’ve talked about websites and their key role in marketing. Remember? Well, today, we’re going to be talking about content marketing and how it relates to the online marketing tools we’ve seen […]

  • Online marketing for beginners - Websites #onlinemarketingcourse #hateselling #businessforintroverts #workfromhome #websitedesigntips #homeoffice #startabusinessfromhome

    Online Marketing for Beginners: Websites

    Welcome to this week’s episode of the online marketing series for beginners! The first online tool we’re going to be talking about is websites. But, before you even start creating one, you’ll need to determine its look and feel – aka, branding -, its functions and the use you’re going to give it. But what […]

  • Online Marketing Series - Elements #onlinemarketingcourse #hateselling #businessforintroverts #workfromhome #homeoffice #startabusinessfromhome

    Online Marketing for Beginners: Main Tools

    Welcome to this week’s episode of the online marketing series for beginners! If you can remember, last week, we described online marketing as a giant puzzle. Why? Well, because you need all marketing tools you use to fit together and build a cohesive image. That would be the image you want to give to your […]

  • Learning new languages

    How Learning Foreign Languages Can Help You Find Freelance Work

    If you have a look at platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr, you’ll see lots of freelancers who offer their services in English, even though it’s not their mother tongue. Why? As English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, they hope to reach a higher number of customers. And that […]

  • How to get international customers

    How to Get Customers from All Over the World

    Gone are the days when you had to go in person from door to door looking for new customers and give them your resume. If you can buy online from all over the world, you can also work online for your customers – no matter where they operate from -, don’t you think so? Of […]

  • Social media profiles

    How to Make Money Online – Even without a Website

    If you’re wondering whether you should have a website for your small business to make money online, think of it as an online business card. You’re giving everyone access to your online shop, to discover your products, and get to know your brand, your style, and the image you want your business to have. You […]

  • Get New Customers

    How To Get Customers – Without Looking For Them

    Gone are the days when you had to go from door to door selling a hoover (thank goodness!!). Those times were hard and either you were ready to cover many kilometers, or your business was doomed to stay VERY local. But that’s not our fight anymore, right? We now have Internet, smartphones, social media, online […]

  • Online Reputation Management

    How to Protect Your Online Reputation

    Sometimes we forget what the Internet is. It’s certainly not a place we meet our friends to have a private conversation. Neither it is anything near to a personal phone call. Or to have a coffee with your sister. If you share a message on Facebook, only your friends – if you have all privacy […]