• Earn Money Blogging Without Being Salesy

    How to Earn Money With Your Blog – Even if You Hate Selling

    If you’re thinking about starting a blog, or if you’re at the very first steps of your brand new blog, you may wonder whether you’re ever going to profit from it. I bet you’re enjoying this whole brainstorming, writing, strategizing, learning, learning, learning… At least, I do. A lot. But there comes a time when […]

  • A Business Plan Can Be Very Easy

    How to Write an Easy Business Plan in 20 Minutes

    Now that you know you want to start something new and that you’ve already decided what that “something” is… You need a business plan! Sure, you could do this happy-hippie waiting for inspiration to come, but freelancing is all about business. Not about lying on the beach, unless you find someone who would give you […]