• What is the best age to freelance?

    What Is the Best Age to Freelance?

    Let’s talk about excuses. About it being too early, too late, or not the right moment to start something new. When is it the right moment to start freelancing? What is the sign that we are supposed to get to make changes in our life? Right. There are hardly any external signs. Most of them […]

  • Freelancer working from home

    Working from Home: Love It or Hate It?

    Up to February 2020, whenever I’d say that I was working from home, the reactions would go from “wow, you’re such a lucky girl!” to “really? isn’t it boring?” But that was it. Except for those who were actually freelancing themselves, almost no one would really stop and think what working from home would mean […]

  • Pros about Being Self-Employed during an Economic Crisis

    Have you ever heard how self-employment is too risky? How THE dream is to get a permanent position in a renowned company? So you fight hard to find one. In fact, you’ve been doing it your whole life! As long as you can remember. Your parents used to tell you what kind of job you […]

  • Working location-independent part-time

    How to Become a “Part-Time” Digital Nomad

    Would traveling around the world with your laptop and your backpack be something for you? Have you ever dreamt about working from a different place every couple of months? Visiting new places while keeping your career? But you’ve never done because you have kids and want to give them some stability? Then keep reading how […]

  • Time management for multipassionate freelancers

    Time Management for Multipassionate Souls

    How many times have you read about a new app on the market and you’ve thought “See? I knew that would work!” or something like “Damn it! I should have tried it myself when I first thought of it!” But you know what the problem is? You come up with so many ideas – every […]

  • Insurance for Freelancers

    What Type of Insurance Does a Self-Employed Need?

    You’re young, you feel free and you want to travel the world while earning money. Fun seems neverending – and so does your good health. However, we all know that, unfortunately, we all get sick sooner or later. And when that happens, we’ll be more than grateful to have health insurance. I know, I know […]

  • Handling last minute jobs

    How to Handle Last Minute Freelance Jobs

    It’s 3 pm on a Friday afternoon. You’re wrapping up your week and start your weekend when you get an email. It comes from a customer asking you to accept a small but urgent job. So urgent that you can forget about your Friday night, your Saturday and any plan that you might have. So […]