Succesful overnight

Have you ever wondered about the secret of those overnight-successful people? How did they do it? Was it just luck? How can I have success overnight?
Well, unfortunately, the answer is that you – and most of us – can’t.
Real success means work. Plan. Action. Work. Hard. Work. And consistency. Tons of consistency.
So… what about those people? Well, I’m 99,99% sure that their success all saw happen “overnight” had been in the works for a long time before we noticed it.
So sorry to tell you… But if you want it really bad, you’re gonna start working!
It doesn’t really make a difference whether we’re talking about launching an online business, playing guitar, or losing weight. How awesome would it be to just take a pill that would make us able to speak another language, or play a musical instrument?? Wouldn’t it be awesome? What color would it have?
Anyway, until someone figures out how to manufacture that pill… Believe me, if you want something real bad, you’d better start working. The sooner, the better.