Let’s be honest. How often have you wished that you could get money quick? Like REAL quick. I mean, all those successful people we see on the Internet, on TV… How do they do it? Why are they on the cover of a magazine and you’re still trying to make ends meet? What is their secret? Was it just luck? How did they become successful overnight?

That’s when we start to ramble about how easy it must be to be successful when you’re born in a rich family, or when you marry a rich guy. Life is so unfair! – you think to yourself. It’s too easy to spend life spending daddy’s money away. The only thing these people seem to know how to do is posting on Instagram pictures of the gorgeous views from their hotel room in the Maldives.

And because you don’t want to keep on comparing yourself to others – especially because you know that you’ll end up losing -, you tell yourself that the only way to become successful is by someone helping you from the very beginning. Your parents, your spouse, your good luck.

Successful boss babe

But you know what? Overnight success exists in a far far away unicorn land. Real success means work. Plan. Action. Work. Hard. Work. And consistency. Tons of consistency. Cause you’re gonna fail. And stand up again. And fail again. So you’ll need consistency to keep going. No matter what.

So… what about those people who seem to make money while they’re sleeping? Well, I’m 99,99% sure that their “overnight” success had been in the works for a long time before we noticed it. So sorry to tell you… But if you want it really bad, you’re gonna start working!

It doesn’t really make a difference whether we’re talking about launching an online business, playing guitar, or losing weight. If you want to become a famous pop star, you’ll have to train those vocal cords until everyone around you tells you to stop. Is it a new language you’re striving for? Well, my friend, that’s easy to get… after a couple of years’ work! You figure out the rest, right?

How awesome would it be to just take a pill that would make us able to speak another language, or play a musical instrument?? Wouldn’t it be THE invention of the century? What color would it have? Could we buy them in bundles?

So you know the drill… Are you gonna wait until someone figures out how to manufacture that pill? Or are you gonna take action just in case that moment never comes? Believe me, if you want something real bad, you’d better start working. The sooner, the better.

Secret to becoming successful overnight