I got a question for you: Do you like Sunday afternoons? I used to hate them, but that was back at the time when I was employed and hadn’t started working from home. I always got that feeling that my time was over for another weekend yet. Sundays meant I had to go to work the next day. I mean, I still have to work on Mondays, but not like I used to. I don’t have to get up early to catch the train, hoping that my boss has woken up in a good mood, for instance. And I didn’t like my job. Most people are happy to be employed. They want things to be easy – even if that means that their whole life revolves around the company they’re working for. That’s not for me, but hey, if you’re happy, it’s your life, right?

Working from home

What I can’t really understand is people who talk continuously about wanting to change something, but they always find a reason not to do it. That drives me nuts. If you really wanna do something, at least try! Right? Otherwise, you probably don’t really want to change. Whether you say you want to leave your husband, live by the sea, make sport or quit your job. What’s the point in just complaining – without taking action? As I’m a freelancer, I love to talk about online businesses, new projects, strategies and how to work from home – Yes, my poor friends have to hear it aaaaall the time! The thing is that, when I talk about freelancing and how flexible I can structure my time, many people start comparing their lives with mine – and try to explain to me why they haven’t started an online business yet – even if they’d love to. Or that’s what they say – that they’d love to.

And it’s not about big business talking. It’s about how we have to adapt our private life to our work life. And shouldn’t it be the other way round? If I want to see my daughter playing guitar at school, why can’t I? Well, I couldn’t have if I hadn’t quit my job. At least not every time there’s a school event. Now, I’m not gonna say that it’s easy. Going to these children events – or having lunch with that friend who’s come to visit – involves several night shifts on my side. But at least I’m not letting my life go by. I’m just compromising a couple of Netflix binge-watching nights in exchange for my free time. Not that hard, right?

9 most used excuses for not working from home

These are the reasons – ahem, excuses – which I think are stopping most people from going freelance and working from home. Each one of them takes you to another post, where you’ll find the solutions I hope can help you if you’re in the same place. Do you relate to any of this?

  1. You think you have no experience/skills to start something new
  2. You hate selling and self-promotion
  3. You think that working alone from home is kind of boring. ’cause you need people around you.
  4. You’re scared to fail – and never try
  5. You don’t want to risk your financial security
  6. You think that employees have an easier life – and you’ve chosen easy
  7. You’ve started a couple of times, but can’t find the time to sit down and work on your online business
  8. You can’t start right now because you have kids = no time
  9. You think you’re too old to start something new

Working at night

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that these are not valid reasons. I’ve gone through all and each one of them – Who hasn’t insecurities, right?? But the point is to be aware of them. To know that these thoughts will come and that we have to let them go again. Don’t listen to them. And fight for your dreams 🙂

Do you find yourself having any of those thoughts? What’s stopping you?



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