You don’t have to go broke to start your online business. Let’s make something clear from the beginning, though: If you’re going to start an online business, you’ll have to be ready to invest. But – unlike brick-and-mortar businesses – it doesn’t have to be money what you invest. Instead, you can invest time.

Start your online business

Follow these 8 easy steps to start your online business

  1. Make a plan -> You should know the answers to these questions about the online business you’d like to create:
    ♥ What it’s going to be about?
    ♥ Who are your potential customers?
    ♥ How are you going to promote your online business?
    ♥ When are you launching?
  2. If you need to take up some courses – either on business or technical stuff -, do it while you’re still working.
  3. If you’re working outside your home, it means that you have little time to work on your business – but you’re earning money, right? So you should start getting ready to switch from little time and more money to more time and less money – in the early phases of your freelancing.
    Make a list of every cost you could drop for a couple of months. For example… How many magazines are you subscribed to? And TV platforms? Do you honestly think you’re gonna have time to binge-watch on Netflix…? What about making some yummy home meals on the weekend instead of eating out? I knooooow. Boring!! But don’t get the end goal out of sight. It’s just for a limited time.
    So I want you to write down all subscriptions and costs that you have. Now, discard all of those you don’t really need.
    Write down the result – How much extra money you can save. And do it. Every. Single. Month.
    Go freelance with no money
  4. Now that you’ve figured out what you’re going to do about the financial shortage, let’s go for the time you’re already lacking now. Yes, I’m going to make you write another list 🙂
    Write down when you can work on your own online business. Try to get at least 10h/week. It’s not that much. Really. What about from 8 to 10 pm from Mondays to Fridays? There you have 8 hours. Again, think of Netflix – I seriously have nothing against it, I love it!. BUT try to leave it for the weekends. And don’t get me started on Facebook… Just don’t check it until you’re done with your 2 daily hours. Believe me, it’s time-sucker #1 😉
  5. Start creating your online presence – It sounds harder than it actually is. If you don’t know where to start, check out this post on how to plan and build your online presence.
     This is something that you can do yourself if you have the time – and if you are a bit techie. I am a bit of a nerd, so I took up a course on SkillCrush, and I loved it!! Check out this post about my learning experience with them.
     However, if you wouldn’t like to try it yourself, you can always search for help. It’s not that expensive! Make a search for “WordPress website” on freelancing platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork, and you’ll see 😉
  6. When the tasks get bigger, and you’re all set-up, try to combine your new business as a side hustle with your job. You could try and get part-time, or just work on your business on the weekends or in the evenings – but this can’t be a long-term solution. Going part-time as a first step toward freelancing is much more doable and realistic.
  7. Once you begin making money, you should be thinking about quitting your job. If you don’t think that money you’re making is enough, try to fine-tune your business strategy. It’s yours. So change whatever you want 😉

If you need some accountability, write below when you’re going to launch what. Leave me your email, and I’ll remind you of the promise you made to yourself today. Or – if you prefer – send me an email, and I’ll be more than happy to get in touch! I’d love to see what you build!!

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