Would you like to start freelancing but you don’t know what to do? Do you really think that your profession doesn’t have a digital alter-ego and that you can’t work online? Let’s try to solve the problem!

Work Online from Home or from Abroad

Almost any profession nowadays can be taken to the online world. Some career changes are obvious, but other need a bit of tweaking and fantasy to come to life. But isn’t it fun to use our imagination? And if your profession is actually a brick-to-mortar only kind of business, what about your hobbies, your passions? Wouldn’t that be something?

Let me give you some ideas of “offline professions” which could totally go digital:

  • Graphic designer > Visual Designer
  • Secretary / Personal Assistant > Virtual Assistant
  • Writer > Content writer for websites or blogs
  • Lawyer > Online expert for legal stuff for startups & freelancers
  • Yoga teacher > Online yoga courses on paid platforms
  • Translator > Freelance translator (that was an easy one!)
  • Crafty activities > DYI videos or online shops to sell your products
  • Photograph > Stock photography portal
  • Globetrotter > Travel blogger / Travel photograph
  • Marketer > Online marketer – The sky is the limit!

Find Your Online Version
Doesn’t any of them appeal to you? Then you should be doing some mental exercising to find out what your ideal online profession could be. A couple of tips for starters:

  • Write down what you’re good at, what your friends usually ask you for and what you like doing. If none of these things include your current or past work, write it down as well. You’re surely good at it as well.
  • Try to think of any experience you have achieved. Either as an employee, as a student or at a summer camp. You should adapt your know-how to start something relatively new. There’s – almost – always a way.
  • Search for ideas visiting sites that you like, watch a couple of videos, read magazines or newspapers. Try to get inspiration from places and people who make you feel good.
  • If you still can’t think of anything you couldn’t be doing online, meditate, go for a walk or exercise a bit. Leave it until tomorrow if you wish. Then, in the morning – or when you feel mentally fit – sit down and take the list you wrote.

Excuses won’t get you anywhere

Nowadays, you can call a cab from your cell phone. You can watch your favorite series without turning on the TV. You can let the whole world see your pictures without putting a foot on an art gallery. You can have delicious sushi from your favorite local without actually having to go there. And you can even meet the love of your life without getting up from the couch. So… Do you really want to convince me that you can’t work online?

I could go on and on for hours writing and chatting about potential online business, but instead, I decided to create a free ebook where you can check out more ideas. Feel free to download and work through it. When you’re done, I’d love it for you to leave me a comment below!

Are you born to freelance?

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