Hi! Welcome to Born to Freelance, my online home!

My name is Alicia, and I’m so happy to meet you here!
I’m a blogging addict, passionate web designer, language lover & freelancer to the bone.

I’ve been freelancing since October 2005, when I left the company I worked for as a translator to live my dream of going freelance. After 9 years as a full-time freelance translator, there were some unwanted changes in my life which made me realize that I could be doing so much more to be happy. “Being happy” was what I used to answer as a kid whenever someone asked what I wanted to do when I grew up.

I’ve always had (too) many business ideas, my head’s always working, I guess I can’t help it! But none of them ever became more than that, an idea. It was just frustrating wanting to do something, but not knowing how to! I tried a couple of things, but it never really turned out the way I wanted. So I took a decision. I wanted to create things. And if no one could help me, I’d learn how to do it myself.

Blogging was actually never my plan, and now I can’t figure out how I haven’t started earlier! It has everything which someone like me needs: It’s challenging, highly dynamic, never-ever-boring and – most importantly – it requires planning, strategic thinking AND continuous learning. I love to learn new things. There are very few things which I wouldn’t like to learn… Bit weird, right??

Anyway, I started this blog to offer women practical and easy step-to-step solutions for starting an online business as a solopreneur. I’ve found that there are so many women who would like to go freelance but don’t know where to start with. There’s so much info online that it’s hard to choose what to do first, which is why I’d like to help women set up her online business following very easy instructions. I’ve been there, I’ve also struggled to change careers, and I’d love for you to take a look at my blog and follow your dreams.

That this “About” page was the last one I wrote before launching my blog shows how hard it is for me to talk about myself in public, but I’m so excited about this new life of mine, that I just had to do it 🙂

Thanks for joining me!
Are you also born to freelance?


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