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    When you were a child, what did you want to do when you grow up?

    Let me ask you this… Do you love your job? That job you got after years studying and sweating (or sobbing) over those unreadable books? Can you imagine doing the same year after year?

    If the answer is a big NO, you’re in the right place! Let me show you how to work from wherever and whenever you want. No boredom attached!

    Find your online lifestyle

    When you’re trying to balance work and family, dreaming of another lifestyle is just that - a dream.
    But why work that hard for other people's dreams?
    What if you'd start your own business
    and follow YOUR dreams instead?


    Don't know what to do

    You’d love to be self-employed but think this isn’t something you can do? Let this Japanese philosophy help you find out what your passion is.

    Don't know where to start

    You know exactly what you’d like to do, but have no idea where to start? Get the Roadmap to Self-Employment and discover how easy it can be!

    Can't find any time to start

    You’re already trying so hard, but time seems to go by so fast! What if you could stick to a plan and take back control of your time?

    When you're trying to run a business and keep up with everything else, time seems to fly.
    Ready to start your business with less time?

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    Ready to leave all excuses behind?

    So you have no time. You’ve tried, but the timing isn’t good right now.

    You have too much stuff going on. And it isn’t going to work anyway.

    Is that what you tell yourself? And you believe it? REALLY??

    What if you could talk in a no-judgment space about what’s really stopping you?
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    Welcome to Born to Freelance!

    Hi! My name is Alicia. I’m a blogging addict, passionate teacher, language lover & freelancer to the bone. In 2005, I quit my job to live my dream of going freelance.

    “Be happy” is what I used to answer as a kid whenever someone would ask “what do you wanna do when you grow up?” And freelancing makes me happy!


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    What is ikigai?

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    Discover Your Passion & Build a Business Around It

    Would you love to become self-employed but don't know what you could do? Complete this fun worksheet to discover your ikigai and build a business around it!